Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alabama AD asks Crimson Tide fans to refrain from shouting vulgarities at other teams.

One of the more recent traditions at the University of Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium in recent years has been the playing of the Alabama classic "Dixieland Delight" during Crimson Tide home games. Naturally, 'Bama fans tend to sing along to the song. This has led to claims that the stadium  sways while the fans sing.

Fans being fans, the Bryant-Denny faithful have tended to add a few lyrics of their own to the song, transforming it into a kind of call and response. 

A rundown of the lyrics and the crowd response to them appeared on Reddit last year. The fans' replies are capitalized.

Spent my dollar
Parked in a hollar 'neath the mountain moonlight
Hold her uptight
Make a little lovin'
Then things get a little less mama-approved, as the crowd expresses its feelings toward 'Bama's rivals, especially Auburn. 

...A little turtle dovin' on a Mason-Dixon night


Fits my life


Oh so right


My Dixieland delight

Naturally, University of Alabama officials probably aren't too thrilled with that part of the audience participation of the song. Especially since Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban was the target of obscenity-laden taunts when the team played LSU on the road at Tiger Stadium recently.

The school is apparently none to pleased with the trend, either. While not singling out "Dixieland Delight," Alabama athletic director Bill Battle took time out in his weekly Battle Plan blog to ask fans to refrain from using foul language against opposing teams during games.

"Speaking of class, our fans are known nationally for being vocal in support of our team and treating opponents with class. Any individual who uses inappropriate language, particularly in chants against the opposing team, does a disservice to the classy national reputation that our entire fan base has deservedly earned. All of us can follow the lead of our Student Government Association, led by SGA President Hamilton Bloom, which this week took ownership of the issue on their own accord, reminding our student body and all of our fans of how vital positive support directed at our team is to our game day atmosphere. Our team, coaches and University - as well as families and children in attendance - deserve better. I am confident that our entire fan base will be a positive, electrifying presence in our final two home games this season, and I am looking forward to showing the nation our class once again."

Hopefully fans will get the message before the school might decide to put the song on the self.

(via al.com)

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