Sunday, October 19, 2014

Steve Spurrier expresses relief that South Carolina doesn't have Mississippi State or Ole Miss on its schedule this season.

Steve Spurrier. Photo via

South Carolina is getting ready to face Auburn this coming Saturday. It's a team the Gamecocks have never beaten while Steve Spurrier has been the team's head coach.  While Spurrier admits Auburn will be a formable challenge for his team, the Old Ball Coach seems happy to have missed playing the unbeaten two-headed monster of Ole Miss and Mississippi State this season.

"(Auburn) is a team that, since I've been here, we haven't beaten them," Spurrier said Sunday. "It's sorta interesting. We haven't beaten Auburn and yet somehow or another we've beaten both of the Mississippis all the time. I'm glad we're not playing the Mississippis this year, though."

South Carolina lost to the only other SEC West team on its 2014 schedule, Texas A&M in Week One of the season. 


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