Thursday, October 30, 2014

Could Indiana-Michigan be Brady Hoke's Waterloo Sunset?

There's not much for Indiana fans to celebrate football-wise this season (other than the tipofff of the college basketball season, of course). The Hoosiers are 3-4 this season, with zero wins in Big Ten conference play. That could change this weekend, the Hoosiers goes on the road to face 3-5 Michigan.

There's an outside possibility (but little chance, of course) that the Hoosiers could pull something that in any other season would be a huge upset against the Wolverines on Saturday. This year, it would just be par for the course in Michigan's annus horribillis.

The Crimson Quarry's Kyle Robbins goes as far as to suggest that an Indiana win could mark the end of the line in Ann Arbor for embattled Michigan starting Brady Hoke, and his boss, Michigan athletic Dave Brandon. He even went as call as it possibly being the pair's own personal Waterloo.

"This is your Waterloo. A Hoosier win on Saturday should, and very well might, signal the end for the Brandon-Hoke era in Ann Arbor. Zander Diamont is the Duke of Wellington, we are the Seventh Coalition, and Brady Hoke is a taller, chubbier Napoleon."

I see little chance of both Hoke and Brandon being shipped out of Ann Arbor in the coming week. If worst comes to worst,  Michigan could announce that they (or at least Hoke) would be allowed to remain as their posts until the end of the season. That would allow school officials to begin shopping for their replacements early, if they already didn't have some names in mind already.

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