Friday, October 3, 2014

Arizona upsets Oregon. The loser: Michigan.

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Arizona shook up the College Football Playoff apple cart on Thursday night with a win over Oregon. At the same time it helped mark another red letter day in the ongoing annus horribilis that is Michigan's 2014 college football season. 

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez coached Michigan from 2008-2010. He alienated hordes of Michigan supporters before being fired in January of 2011 by Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon. Brandon replaced RichRod with the now under fire Brady Hoke. 

Brandon's decision to ditch Rodriguez has started to come back to haunt both him and Michigan. Hoke started out strong in 2011 - with a team mostly of players recruited under Rodriguez. It's been downhill since then. In contrast, Rodriguez started has gone 8-5 seasons in his first two seasons at Arizona, with two bowl wins. On top of that, the Wildcats have now beaten Oregon two seasons in a row. 

As for Oregon, the team Arizona actually beat Thursday night, they're not completely out of the CFP yet. It will take another loss to knock them out completely. 

It's looking more and more like Brandon made the wrong decision in not giving RichRod at least another season in Michigan. Hoke, the man Brandon picked to succeed RichRod, has failed to produce after his first season in Ann Arbor. 

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