Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Michigan, Brady Hoke, and Dave Brandon.

I've been trying to figure how the right way to handle the Michigan situation involving head coach Brady Hoke's handling of quarterback Shane Morris' head injury on Saturday.

Incidents like this is why my enjoyment is college football blogging has been waning lately. The more serious off-the-field issues (or in this case, on-the-field medical-related issues) have started to fully overshadow the the trivial in comparison stories like coaches laying down smack on other programs, or alternate uniforms of dubious fashion sense.

Stories like the Morris affair at Michigan, or Jameis Winston's alleged sexual assault, or the whole Sandusky scandal at Penn State get harder to for me to write about every time, I've ended up avoiding writing about them a lot of times, if only because I feel like all I'm doing is regurgitating what has already been written about.

At this point, it looks like Hoke is not going to survive as Michigan head coach, and will probably be gone by January at the latest. Program supporters were calling for Hoke's dismissal before the Morris incident, and the calls for his job have only gotten louder as college football analysts and commenters have jumped on the anti-Hoke bandwagon.

Dave Brandon needs to be replaced as well. Brandon was a college athletics outsider when he was hired, coming to Michigan in 2010 after serving as CEO of Domino Pizza. Brandon is currently being criticized for his part in the Morris affair, including the perception that he is hanging Hoke out to dry.

Nick Baumgardener of mLive.com criticized Brandon for not being at Hoke's weekly press conference on Monday, where Hoke was left to handle tough questions about the Morris incident on his own.

"On Monday afternoon, Brandon allowed his head football coach to step to a press conference podium in an absolute no-win situation. Hoke was unprepared, unsupported and left there to face live bullets.

On Monday afternoon, Brandon threw Hoke -- a man he hired in 2011 -- under the bus, and hung him out to dry." 

Baumgardner points how Hoke tried to defer comments oh Morris' possible medical condition until the medical report on Morris was released. The report, which confirmed Morris has suffered "a probable minor concussion" was finally released at 1:00 AM ET on Tuesday Morning.

Michigan needs to clean house. Brandon and Hoke both need to go. Mishandling of a medical situation like Morris' this goes further in placing a darker shadow over college football. 

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