Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury compared to Anna Kournikova, and not in a good way.

Barry Trammel doesn't sound like he's a Kliff Kingsbury fan. The Oklahoman columnist used his Wednesday column to give a serious smackdown to the second-year Texas Tech head coach, whom he compared to retired Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.

The comparison comes with the conjunction of Kingsbury's Texas Tech team coming to Stillwater, Ok. to face the Mike Gundy-coached Oklahoma State Cowboys on Thursday night with the fifteen years and seven months anniversary of Kournikova's semi-final appearance in the IGA Superthrift Classic in Oklahoma City. She was beaten in the semis by Amanda Coetzer.

Trammel apparently thinks that like Kournikova, Kingsbury is more style than substance, gleefully pointing out that Kournikova "never won a WTA event."

Apparently Texas Tech's 8-5 record in 2013, the first season under Kingsbury, which included a 37-23 win over Arizona State in the 2013 Holiday Bowl, didn't impress Trammel too much. Well, okay, the Red Raiders'  8-5 record last season did include going 4-5 in the Big 12 probably didn't help things.

Kingsbury's contract extension with Texas Tech, which includes a $3.1 million-dollar salary raise for the 2015 season, and adds $200,000 a year through 2020, didn't impress Trammel either,

"Kingsbury didn’t earn that kind of money with victories over Stephen F. Austin and Texas State. He earned that money for his interview with Esquire, which asked about his stylish wardrobe."

Is the Kournikova comparison fair? In Kingsbury first season, Texas Tech went 7-0 in the first part of the 2013 season, before going 0-5, tanking to Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Kansas State, Baylor and Texas. In other words, he came up short against the big guns of the Big 12. And he lost to the Longhorns, too.

Still, Kingsbury did lead the Red Raiders to a win over Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl,  It wasn't a BCS, bowl, but it should at least give him the one-up over Kournikova.

Trammel is comparing Kingsbury's two-and-a-quarter season head coaching career to Kournikova's entire twelve-year pro career. It's hardly a fair comparison in that context.

(via The Oklahoman)

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