Thursday, September 11, 2014

Could Star Trek prevent Kenny Hill's parents from trademarking "Kenny Trill?"

Kenny Hill. Photo via San Antonio Express-News.

The parent of Texas A&M starting quarterback Kenny Hill are trying to trademark their son's preferred nickname, "Kenny Trill." This isn't too much of a surprise, as the family of Hill's predecessor at TAMU, Johnny Manziel, did the same with "Johnny Football."

The only possible thing standing in their way of cashing in protecting the rights to their son's moniker - Star Trek

As Trek fans probably know by now, the Trill were one of the varied and sundry alien species scattered throughout the Federation. The best known being  Jadzia Dax, one of the main characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the show's first six seasons.

Photo via All rights reserved.

Besides the prominent streak of spots on either side of their neck and foreheads,  the Trill were known for being the host of another alien species which they had a symbiotic relation with that preserved the memories of their previous hosts.

A challenge from Paramount, the studio behind Star Trek hasn't happened yet, but Hollywood media conglomerates have a history of being somewhat anal-retentive when it comes to trademarks. For proof of this, see Disney's recent issues with Deadmau5 over his attempt to trademark his Mau5head mask.

(via The San Antonio Express-News)

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