Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oklahoma State fans bring anti-FSU "Trail of Tears" sign to ESPN College GameDay. (UPDATED)

Photo via @wrightthompson.

 We have out first "Oh no you didn't!" moment of the 2014 college football season. Oklahoma State fans brought an anti-Florida State sign that causally brings up the "Trail of Tears" - the forced relocation of southeastern US Native American tribes to reservations - to the site of this mornings ESPN College GameDay in Ft. Worth, Tx.

The Seminole Nation was among the tribes relocated to the then-called "Indian Territory" (which included Oklahoma).

ESPN writer Wright Thompson can't say it any better.

Stay classy, Pokes fans.You should have stuck with the already old Jameis Winston crab-theft jokes.

UPDATE: Oklahoma State has released a statement about the banner on Twitter.

(via @wrightthompson)

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Anonymous said...

When I saw that sign it made me embarrassed for them. What a classless way to represent our school. I'm just praying that the students that made it didn't grow up in OK and don't understand the cultural significance of that event.
It is a stain in our country's past and is not something to be joked about. ever.
(side note: it didn't even make sense because the Native Americans would have gladly gone home during the Trail of Tears.)