Friday, August 8, 2014

Oklahoma buying food truck to comply with NCAA new "unlimited snacks" regulations.

Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione. Via The Tulsa World.

Oklahoma are adding a new kind of schooner to its fleet of vehicles. ESPN sports business gadfly Darren Rovell reports that the Sooner football program is purchasing a food truck in its attempt to comply with the NCAA's relaxed rules permitting "unlimited snacks" to players.

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione explained that the program is acquiring the somewhat trendy mobile facility more out of necessity than "largesse or excessiveness."

 "We don't have facilities in all the places they would need to be, so the idea is to have a mobile fueling station and perhaps some additional trailers that have refrigeration capabilities that can operate as a prep kitchen of sorts," Castiglione said."

Castiglione denied that Oklahoma was trying start an unlimited snack war with other schools by having its own "mobile fueling station," but admitted that schools were bound to play "can you top this" while trying to comply with the new NCAA rules.

"I realize the idea was to give institutions the flexibility to do what they want within their means," Castiglione said. "But it's now so flexible that schools can provide full meals to athletes at any time, and there will be some schools that will undoubtedly push that envelope. The next thing people will be doing is a comparative analysis for recruiting as to what schools offer more."

Castiglione says Oklahoma will be spending "about $1 million" dollars to implement the new "unlimited snacks" rules.

 (via ESPN)  

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