Thursday, August 28, 2014

John Shaw admits ankle injuries were due to fall.

John Shaw has finally come clean about how he really sprained his ankles. Well, his attorney, Donald is saying that the suspended USC cornerback Shaw is coming clean.

Through a statement, Shaw claims the injuries were suffered from a fall.

"Shaw, 22, was injured Saturday night when he fell from a third-floor balcony at an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, Donald Etra, a lawyer representing Shaw, said Wednesday in a phone interview. Etra declined to explain how Shaw fell."

Whether that's the complete story is another question altogether. L.A. Police are investigating the events surrounding the Shaw's injury as a burglary. 

"The police responded late Saturday night to a call of a woman screaming. No one answered the door at the apartment, so the officers forced their way in but found the unit empty. A neighbor told the police that a man had run across a balcony. When a woman living in the apartment complex was given a description of the man, she told them it sounded like her boyfriend, Shaw."

LAPD spokesperson Andrew Neiman says no property is missing, and that the case "could turn out to be a trespass, or domestic violence, or it could be a big nothing, no crime, just people who were arguing and a scream was heard.”

Shaw had originally claimed his injuries were obtained from rescuing his nephew from drowning.

(via The New York Times. HT: Deadspin)

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