Saturday, August 30, 2014

Game Day Goulash: Connor Cook, Bo Pelini, Kliff Kingsbury, and more.

Game Day Goulash - Saturday of Week One. It feels just like the Fourth of July. 


Flirting With Disaster.
Michigan State starting quarterback Connor Cook dodged the injury bullet Friday night as he led the Spartans to a 45-7 victory over Jacksonville State. (AP/ESPN)

Hart to Hart. 
Former Alabama running back Dee Hart leads new school Colorado State to a 31-17 win over Colorado. (

Let's Stay Together.
Texas Tech and its head coach, Kliff Kingsbury agree to a new contract extension through 2020.  (ESPN)

I was of the feeling it was out of control. 
Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini says use of marijuana is "out of control" among students and society as a whole. Insert your own comment about Carl Pelini here. (The Omaha World-Herald)

A Little Respect.
Robbie Andreu profiles Florida starting quarterback Jeff Driskel, and the respect he's earned from teammates for his "gritty determination." (The Gainesville Sun)

Denial is not a river in Egypt.
Barking Carnival claims that "the SEC is still in schematic denial" when it comes to the long-term staying power of the hurry-up no-huddle offense. Unless, of course, your name is either Kevin Sumlin or Gus Malzahn.

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