Monday, June 30, 2014

Steve Spurrier continues to be Steve Spurrier, jabs Alabama once more.

The Old Ball Coach
Steve Spurrier with Nick Saban in 2010. Via

The Old Ball Coach is up to his old tricks again.

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is up to his old tricks again. First, The Old Ball Coach agreed with The State reporter Josh Kendall's statement that there is "there's more to life than the SEC championship." He then took an across the bow jab at how someone at Alabama might respond to the same statement.

Kendall asked Spurrier ""If I had told you in 1997, 'There's more to life than the SEC championship,' would you have agreed? Would that have been good enough?"

Spurrier responded to the statement, adding the "you knew it was coming jab" at the Crimson Tide.

"Well, my last year at Florida, we did not win the SEC. We had a heck of a team in 2001, we won the state championship, beat FSU, won the Orange Bowl and finished No. 3 in the nation, and we were disappointed because our expectations obviously were to win the SEC, which we did seven of the 12. So it's different. Your expectations and what you achieve are different at every school. Every school is different.

"For example, at Alabama, if I had had five No. 1 recruiting classes in the last six years like Alabama, I would say, 'Fellas we are going to mess up if we lose a game, because we've got the best players in college football.' But we're not in that situation. Our history is not all that super before we got here, so everything is sort of relative to each school. Maybe what their past has been and which direction they are headed. But to finish in the top 10 three years in a row when our school has never done that, to win 11 games three years in a row, our school has never done that, that's been fun, no question."

Last week, Spurrier questioned whether Alabama head coach Nick Saban's legendary work habits were becoming counter-productive, and that the Crimson Tide had "maxed out" after failing to win either the SEC and/or BCS titles in 2013.

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