Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jon Gruden speaks at Tennessee's The Arsenal QB Camp, provides possibly the greatest Jon Gruden photo ever.

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden made many Tennessee Volunteers supporters' hearts go a-flutter a year-and-a-half as rumours swirled that he might become the team's coach following the non-infamous Derek Dooley era came to a close. That was never meant to be, as Gruden stayed with ESPN, and Tennessee replaced Dooley with Butch Jones.

So it must have been a little disheartening for Vos' supporters when Gruden came to Knoxville on Saturday to take part in The Arsenal Elite QB Camp . The camp name would explain the Tweet sent out by ESPN's Travis Haney, which provides what is possibly the greatest photo ever of Gruden, speaking in front of a backdrop featuring "The Arsenal" camp name in letters.

So big, the "-nal" got cut off in the shot leaving...

If that isn't a unconsciously subversive description of Gruden, I don't know what is.

(via @TravisHaneyESPN)

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