Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Tennessee football team poses (mostly) shirtless in Neyland Stadium.

From the "A tradition unlike any other" department comes this photo of the Tennessee football team posing (mostly) bare-chested in Neyland Stadium while undergoing some nighttime conditioning training.

Photos of college football teams going shirtless are nothing new, but the ones coming out of the Tennessee football program have gained somewhat of a tinge of infamy. There was the legendary photo of the 1997 team that went on to win the SEC title, including senior starting quarterback Peyton Manning. Then there was the notorious 2009 photo which featured the then Lane Kiffin-coached Vols posing shirtless encircling a Tennessee orange Lamborghini. (I won't even mention former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl...oops!)

Not to be outdone, the 2014 Tennessee squad posed for this photo taken at an evening conditioning session under the lights in Neyland Stadium on Thursday whth mostly shirtless players. Or in some cases, players in nothing but their cleats, socks, and compression shorts.

One wonders what General Neyland think about this.

(via @Vol_Photos)

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