Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Fallout: Lane Kiffin on Jalston Fowler, LSU, SEC news, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

Fullback to the Future.
Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin discusses Crimson Tide player Jalston Fowler's transition to becoming a full-time fullback in the 2014 season. Fowler split time between the half-back and fullback positions last season. (

Let's go to Lukenbach Lubbock, Texas.
Former Ohio State linebacker Mike Mitchell announces he is transferring to Texas Tech. (Viva the Matadors)

Justin Time.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise State defensive tackle Justin Taimatuia. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Night Fever.
The kickoff time for LSU's home game against Louisiana-Monroe is set for 6:00 PM central time (7:00 EDT) start. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

The Division Bell.
The AAC finalizes how member schools will be split up for divisional play when it begins in 2015. It had better hope that Cincinnati or Houston haven't found greener (i.e. Big 12) pastures by then. (ESPN)

It's Complicated. 
The SEC revises its already byzantine tiebreaker rules ahead of the start of the College Football Playoff  system. (

Bring the Noise.
The SEC also relaxed its rules on crowd noise and in-stadium music. Insert overused Will Ferrell quote from Saturday Night Live Blue Oyster Cult sketch here. (

The Fourth Estate.
Kevin Scarbibsky discusses SEC commissioner Mile Slive's warnings that the "Big Five" conferences might try to form their own division in the NCAA if the governing body doesn't give them the autonomy they so richly want. (

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