Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Texas A&M regent suggests rebranding Kyle Field as "The House That Johnny Built."

Kyle Field. Photo via Wikipedia Commons.

Honoring former Johnny Manziel in the good old-fashioned SEC way with a statue is apparently not good enough for one member of the Texas A&M Board of Regents member. Jim Schwertner wants to go ahead and honor the former Texas A&M starting quarterback by rebranding Kyle Field as "The House That Johnny Built"

Schwerter pronounced his somewhat radical (even for the SEC) way of honoring the Heisman Trophy winning candidate while speaking to reporters about renovations to Kyle Field.

"The last person that we all need to thank, and I'm very serious about this, is Johnny Manziel," Schwertner said. "The stars came together. We talked about this project for a long, long time. But none of us were sure how quick we could pay for this project. And because of a young man by the name of Johnny Manziel, we were able to raise all the money in two months. My vision is someday, I hope, the Aggie Nation will come together and decide that we can revise the name of Kyle Field to Kyle Field, the House That Johnny Built." 

Schwerter went on to explain that he was dead serious about the rebranding of the Aggies' cherished stadium.

"I'm very serious," Schwertner said. "I hope the Aggie Nation will come together and decide that that's something they want to do. Think about this: The last time we had a Heisman Trophy winner was John [David Crow]. And we have a freshman that was the first freshman ever on the planet to be a Heisman Trophy winner, and all of this came together very fast. It's going to be up to the students and the former students to decide that. But that would sure be a real testament to how great that young man was for this university. So my vote would be 'yes,' but there are a lot of other folks that are going to vote on what I just said."

There's only thing that could be standing in Schwerter's dream of officially declaring Kyle Field as "The House That Johnny Built." (Besides common sense, though that's never stopped anybody in Texas before.) The trademark for the phrase "The House That Johnny Built" has apparently been trademarked already by a company owned by the family of JFF's BFF "Uncle Nate" Fitch. Though the Fitches would probably agree to let Texas A&M add the phrase to Kyle Field's name for a small fee.

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