Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Three Texas A&M players arrested on outstanding warrants. (UPDATED)

This has not been a banner day for Texas A&M. First, quarterback Matt Joeckel announced his  plans to transfer to another program. Now, news is breaking that three members of the TAMU football team were arrested last week on outstanding warrants.

Wide receiver Ed Pope, defensive back Howard Matthews, and defensive end Gavin Stansbury were all arrested last Thursday for what are apparently unrelated offenses.

Matthews was charged with "failure to appear." Matthews was arrested for "failure to exhibit driver's license," and "failure to appear." Both players were arrested on College Station Police Department warrants.

Stansbury was arrested on a Harris County, Tx. Sheriffs Office warrant for assault.

No word from Texas A&M as of yet, but Kevin Sumlin will probably not be amused.

(UPDATED 4/17): According to ESPN's Alex Scarborough, Matthews, Pope, and Stansbury were in Pope's vehicle when they arrested in College Station. College Station police pulled Pope's vehicle   over for "having expired registration on the vehicle." Police learned of the warrant for Pope's arrest during a check on Pope's driver's license. Checks on Matthews and Stansbury's licenses also uncovered warrants for their arrests.

In a statement, Texas A&M said "We are continuing to gather information. Gavin Stansbury was initially suspended from all athletic activities, but has since been reinstated to the team. Howard Matthews and Ed Pope were not suspended and are still members of the football team."

(via Good Bull Hunting)

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