Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Michigan St. QB Connor Cook calls offseason stregnth and condition program "a living hell."

Connor Cool after 2014 Rose Bowl. Via Bleacher Report.

What was Michigan State's offseason strength and conditioning program like.? Spartan quarterback Connor Cook described the workouts he and his teammates went through as "a living hell."

"Wake up at 4:30, go over and get my ankles taped, and then bust your butt for an hour and a half, sometimes two hours, and you have multiple (workout) stations,'' Cook said. "Sometimes it's an agility day or power day; you're pushing sleds, pulling sleds, you have the ropes, it's just a living hell.

"All the coaches, every single position coach is out there pushing you, but that's how champions are made. In our indoor facility we have all these quotes on these boards, and one says 'Champions are built on 1,000 invisible mornings,' and that's what we do.''
Of course it's that "living hell" Cook and the rest of the Spartan team need to go through in order to repeat as Big Ten Champions in 2014, and get the opportunity to participate in the inaugural College Football Playoff. Moving to the new Big Ten East division with Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan is going to make that goal a lot harder to achieve.  

(via mLive.com)

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