Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Johnny Manziel's "Uncle Nate" comments on Donald Sterling, takes shot at NCAA.

"Uncle Nate" Fitch, George Strait, and You Know Who. Photo via Gamedayr.

Nate Fitch a.k.a "Uncle Nate," professional BFF and "assistant" to former Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel, has tweeted out a statement about banhammered Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling, and takes at the NCAA as well.

Here's the saved version, in case he (or JFF's professional management) decide this one is too hot to stay on the Internet.

Since the Clippers are going to apparently be up for sale soon, maybe Manziel and his other BFF Drake should team up to try and buy the team.  Unless Diddy beats them too it. (Of course they could always all go in and buy the Clippers together.)

(via @UNCLENATEFITCH, as long as it lasts)

(Updated 4:19 PM 4/29/2014)

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