Saturday, April 12, 2014

All hail the CatHuskers! Bo Pelini brings cat on field at Nebraska spring game.

The Twitterverse has officially bled into reality. Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini brought a cat onto the field of Memorial Stadium for the Cornhuskers' spring game on Saturday. Thus bringing the ongoing "feud" between Pelini and fake Twitter nemesis @FauxPelini into real life.

For those new to modern computer technology. @FauxPelini is a parody account on Twitter that focuses on the Nebraska head coach and the Cornhusker team in general. The avatar of the account features a Photoshopped image of Pelini with a cat, both wearing matching Christmas sweaters. Pelini acknowledged the parody account on Jan. 6, when he replied to his evil "twin," and  demanded the cat's return.

Naturally, Twitter melted.

And how did @FauxPelini react to all of this?

We are in the era of the Nebraska #CatHuskers. Nothing will ever be the same.

(via SB*Nation)

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