Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nick Saban wants NFL to limit junior invitations to NFL Combine.

Nick Saban. Via Veooz.

How can college football keep juniors down on the farm, and stop them from declaring early for the NFL Draft. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has an idea about how to do that. It involves the NFL limiting invites to the NFL combine to players that have been graded to be third-round draft picks or better.

"You're going to go to the Combine and shoot up the draft charts, which never really ever happens, either," Saban said. "More guys go down at the Combine than go up because they're not as fast and they don't have a very good feel in comparison to all the other competition in the draft at their position.

"When they come to that realization, it's too late."

Saban believes the NFL may be in favor of the idea.


"The way it's going right now, I don't think the NFL really wants all these guys coming out for the draft," Saban said. "They know they can develop better in college if they stay and play more unless they're going to be high draft picks. It's difficult for them to develop players with the way they practice now. If a player's not a high pick, it's a lot more difficult for them to develop as an NFL player. 

"I just think systematically we need to do something."


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