Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Johnny Manziel shows off new custom Oregon Ducks sneakers from Nike .

Uncle Phil's Misguided Children

 Johnny Manziel is already tasting the fruits of his recent endorsement deal with Nike. The former Texas A&M starting quarterback posted a photo via Instagram of his new sneakers that were custom-made for him by Uncle Phil's Misguided Children. They're a pair of green Oregon Ducks kicks, complete with Puddles the Duck on the heels.


Before the Aggie faithful get all hot and bothered about this they need to remember that Manziel was originally committed to Oregon, but flipped to Texas A&M. They should be consoled to know that at least one shoe's inside tongue has a Texas A&M logo on it. along with Manziel's "Johnny Football" nickname.

They should also recall that it's Adidas, and not Nike, which has the contract with Texas A&M. If they want JFF to wear Aggie Nike kicks, they might want to take their complaints to the TAMU athletic department.

(via College Spun)

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