Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Charlie Strong won't let Longhorn players "Hook 'Em Horns" until they earn it.

Charlie Strong. Via USA Today.

The traditional Texas Longhorn "Hook 'Em Horns" hand gesture has been made verboten to members of the Longhorn football team. At least not until new Texas head coach Charlie Strong feels they're earned the right to use it.  

According to ESPN's Max Olson, it part of Strong's attempt to "change the culture" of the Longhorns" football program. “They’ll get it back one of these days,” according to Strong.

There's no word on whether the Strong will list the anti-"Hook 'Em" rule on an individual or team basis. There's also no word when the ban could be lifted, though it will probably
be sometime be between the end of spring practice and the start of the college football season.

(via ESPN. HT: Dr. Saturday)

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