Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oklahoma QB Blake Bell moves to tight end.

Blake Bell. Via The Oklahoman.

Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell had made the decision to take his talents to the Sooners' tight end position. This according to Sooner head coach Bob Stoops on Wednesday. This comes after a season where Bell shared starting QB duties with sophomore Trevor Knight.

The move comes after Knight helped the Sooners to an upset victory against Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl. 

“With the positive momentum of how Trevor played throughout that game and coming off that, we want to try and build off that,” Stoops said. “That being the case, we're excited that even though Blake can graduate and go somewhere else wants to stay here and finish out and wants to try tight end.”

According to Oklahoma offensive coordinator Josh Heupel, the move was Bell's idea.

"Over the break, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do,” said Heupel. “He approached me when I got back into town, and we had a conversation. He said, ‘Listen, I want to play at the University of Oklahoma. I’m a Sooner. I believe we’ve got a chance to do something special here.’”

“Blake wants to play, wants to help his team, wants to compete and believes that’s a great position for him to do that,” Heupel said. “I think everyone on our staff believes in him as a competitor and as a player. It’s going to be a lot of fun for him to make a change and then see where he can grow. I feel like he’s going to be a good player there."

Bell has been named "Belldozer" due to his running abilities as a QB. With his move to tight end, it appears that those hoping for a QB controversy at Oklahoma this offseason are going to be disappointed.

(via The Oklahoman. HT: College Football Talk)

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