Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nick Saban discusses doing the Electric Slide.

A few weeks ago the sports blogosphere melted down after a Vine video surfaced of Alabama head coach Nick Saban doing the Electric Slide at a recruit gathering in his home. Here's a YouTube version of the video in case you missed it.

Saban finally discussed the event on Wednesday during a National Signing Day press conference.

Saban claims that he's done the Electric Slide "since I was 15.″ Which would be somewhat misleading, as according to my calculations, Saban turned 15 in 1965, and the Electric Slide wasn't invented until 1976. "Electric Boogie," the song about the dance, was recorded by Marcia Griffiths was originally recorded in 1982.

Saban also said during the conference that he "do the wobble too." Luckily that wasn't filmed, as it's doubtful that the Internet could handle it.

Here's video of Saban discussing the dance to the press.

(Via HT Gridiron Girl)

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