Monday, February 10, 2014

Yes, there is a Michigan State "YES!" t-shirt.

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You can't watch an episode of WWE Raw these days without hearing the loud and raucous "YES! YES! YES!" chant of fans by WWE wrestler Superstar Daniel Bryan. It's taken over the way the fans responded to everything a WWE Superstar said in the ring with "WHAT?" back in the Aughts.

The "YES!" chant went viral when Michigan State celebrated its 2014 Rose Bowl victory during halftime of the Spartans home game victory over Ohio State.

Now the school is trying to cash in on the craze with its own "YES!" t-shirt. This image of a Sparty "YES!" t-shirt was posted on Twitter by Ben Axelrod.

I haven't been able to find out where this shirt is being sold at, but I'll keep you updated.

(via @BenAxelrod)

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