Sunday, February 23, 2014

Haha Clinton-Dix has heard your Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky jokes about his last name, thank you.

A member of media asking HaHa Clinton-Dix about his name was bound to happen sometime during the 2014 NFL Combine. The former Alabama safety was ready with a response right out of the chute. When asked about the " best or worst thing" regarding his "HaHa" nickname, Clinton-Dix responded by getting the obvious hubbub regarding his surname out of the way.

 "The whole President Clinton thing with Monica Lewinsky," he said with a smile. "I didn't know too much about that, but that's pretty much what it was."

Clinton-Dix's first name is Ha'Sean (pronounced Ha-SEEN. He explained to the media that as a child, people mispronounced his name as Ha-SHAWN. The "HaHa" nickname was given to him by his grandmother around the age of three or four. Obviously, the nickname stuck.

When asked what Alabama head coach Nick Saban called him, Clinton-Dix responded with "HaHa, get over here. I'm just going to say that -- in the good way."

In case you were wondering, Clinton-Dix was born in 1992. He would have been around six when the Monica Lewinsky scandal occurred in 1998.


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