Monday, January 6, 2014

The campaign to bring Bobby Petrino back to Louisville has begun.

From the "you knew this was going to happen" dept. comes the start of the campaign to bring back Bobby Petrino to Louisville. It began with someone draping a homemade banner saying "Bring Back Bobby" in front of the University of Louisville Student Activities Center.

Petrino's career has had a long, strange path since he left Louisville. He left the school in 2007 to become head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. He quit the Falcons in the midst of a dismal 2007 season to become head coach at Arkansas. He was fired from Arkansas in 2012 following an infamous motorcycle accident with a school employee as his passenger, whom he was having an affair with. He is currently head coach of Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers were 8-4 in 2013.

(via Dr. Saturday)

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