Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#OxfordStripClubNames, or: How I started a Twitter trend.

(Note, I wasn't going to go all narcissistic and talk about this, but since Red Cup Rebellion wrote up a story on this, I decided to get it out of the way.)

You may have heard about a Twitter hashtag called #OxfordStripClubNames. It briefly trended overnight on Twitter late Monday night - early Tuesday morning. Well, I'm the guilty party that started it all off. Here's how it happened.

Every Day Should Be Saturday contributor and Twitter personality Rick Muscles casually tweeted on Monday night how the city of Oxford, Mississippi (the home of Ole Miss and birthplace of William Faulkner) had passed an adult entertainment ordinance. Actually, it was an ordinance trying to regulate any potential strip clubs out of existence by banning alcohol sales and limiting where within the city limits one could open one up.

That still didn't stop Rick Muscles from Tweeting about it.   

Instinctively, I replied to his tweet with the first thing that came to my mind. A Faulkner-inspired name for a strip club, and added a hashtag to go along with it (just in case anybody didn't get it the first time.

Muscles liked it enough to retweet it and gave his approval in a couple of replies.

Things got rolling from there. Slowly at first, but it quickly snowballed within an hour or so. With all kinds of Oxford and Ole Miss-related strip club names. Including one that should have been obvious.

There was also at least one from that other writer with a connection to Ole Miss, John Grisham.
 Actually, "The Firm" would be a good name for a strip club.

Of course, there were more Falukner-related names as well.

Mississippi State got mentioned as well, sort of.

And there was at least one mention of Ole Miss' current resident l'enfant terrible, Marshall Henderson.

A little after I went to bed, #OxfordStripClubNames blew up big enough to get on Twitter's "United States Trends" list.

Like I mentioned at the top, Red Cup Rebellion reported on the #OxfordStripClubNames trend on Tuesday, calling it the work of "A few Ole Miss bros." This shocked me, as I didn't know that I was an "Ole Miss Bro." (If y'all haven't noticed, I can get a little partial to UGA at times.) But if I'm considered an honorary "Ole Miss Bro," then I'll take it.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who made the #OxfordStripClubNames such a success. I never thought I'd start a hashtag on Twitter big enough to trend in the US, so I'm thrilled you guys made it happen. Keep up the good work!

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