Friday, January 24, 2014

New USC strength and conditioning coach instilling "manhood training" in players.

Ivan Lewis. Via

New USC strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis has wasted no time in getting the Trojans ready for next season under their new head coach, Steve Sarkisian. Offseason workouts are officially underway for the team, where Lewis is introducing them to his coaching philosophy, which he calls "manhood training."

"A huge part of my philosophy is developing trust and giving them the whys. When the guys understand how it translates from the weight room or conditioning to what we are doing on the football field, that's the key. Inevitably, I'm all about training these guys for the game of football and developing them as men. Not every guy goes and plays in the NFL, so it's about competing in life. It's manhood training, learning lessons from football and from your strength training that will eventually make you succeed in higher levels of life."
It's a shame Lewis couldn't have been on the job at USC  three years ago, when he could have given former head coach Lane Kiffin all the "manhood training" that Kiffin needed. (Don't act like you weren't thinking the same thing.)

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