Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dallas Morning News uses Lou Holtz quote about Charlie Strong not being "a hip-hop coach."

In its profile of new Texas head coach Charlie Strong, The Dallas Morning News used a quote about Strong from ESPN analyst Lou Holtz. That was it's first mistake. Here's the quote.

"I found as we went along that his greatest asset was common sense. He's great with players ... but he's not a hip-hop coach. He really, truly could have coached for (Ohio State's old-school taskmaster) Woody Hayes with no problem whatsoever."

The Morning News could have probably just let this rather awkward quote from Holtz alone. Instead it used it to promote the Strong profile on Twitter.

Naturally, this tweet didn't stay up for too long when the Internet discovered it. The paper later tried to clarify the Tweet.

Then the paper just went ahead and apologized for everything.

The Dallas Morning News managed to take an awkward quote from an ESPN analyst, and managed to turn it into a huge awkward mess for itself.

(via Deadspin)

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