Saturday, December 21, 2013

Texas A&M groom's cake memorializes Aggie Bonfire and now-ended rivalry with Texas Longhorns.

Have Texas A&M fans put the put-on-indefinite-hold rivalry between the Aggies and the Texas Longhorns yet? Don't even think of it! This groom's cake honors the rivalry in two ways. First it's in the shape of the legendary Aggie Bonfire that used to be held on the TAMU campus the night before the annual Texas-Texas A&M rivalry game. The tradition was ended following the deaths of 12 people during the Bonfire's construction in 1999. A smaller, "Student Bonfire" unsanctioned by the school, has been held since 2002.

The cake also features Texas mascot Bevo being roasted at the top of The Bonfire, something that (as far as I know) has never happened in real life. (The reviled 'Ol Sarge/Nightmare Aggie costume was rumored to have been thrown into The Bonfire at one point in the 1980's, but that's another story).

Having "Barbie Yell" cheering on nearby is an interesting (as in it manages to be charming and disturbing at the same time), is also a nice touch.

(via College Spun)

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