Monday, December 2, 2013

Georgia Southern celebrates upset win over Florida by serving Alligator meat on campus.

Image via Bulldog Illustrated.

Georgia Southern is still reveling in its upset win over Florida. In fact, it may be reveling a little too much. The school is celebrating the win on Monday by offering a selection of alligator meat delicacies in its dining commons area. Included on the menu are "Fried alligator, buffalo alligator bites, and alligator sliders."

While there's no problem with having a little fun with a victory over an FCS division school (even one that's struggled this year like Florida), this could be a little too much for students who aren't quite used to non-traditional meats. On the other hand, they can discover for themselves whether alligator really does taste like chicken.

(via Bulldog Illustrated)

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