Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wall Street Journal columnist tired of Alabama, openly roots for Auburn.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban with QB A.J. McCarron.

Wall Street Journal sports columnist Rachel Bachman is tired of Alabama and its winning ways.  Bachman recently wrote an "open letter" to Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn calling him and the Tigers "Our Last Chance" to stop a third consecutive Crimson Tide BCS title.

Bachman describes Alabama as being " simply so good, so methodical, that they seem to remove the element of chance." in other words, she's tired of 'Bama being so fracking dominant, and is ready for someone to try to knock them off. It looks as though she's tapped Malzahn to be her white knight in blue and orange in her crusade against a third straight 'Bama BCS title.

"Coach, this is where you come in. 

Your Tigers host Alabama on Nov. 30, and could be the only thing standing between the Crimson Tide and yet another appearance in the national title game—which, I think we can agree, is getting a bit tedious. That's why you need to prevent it from happening. You need to take back the state of Alabama."

Bachman goes on to praise the Malzahn for his bringing back Auburn to national prominence in his first year as the Tigers' head coach after the team all but fell off the map when Cam Newton left for the NFL. She also gave a shout out to first-year starting QB Nick Marshall.

"Your quarterback, first-year starter Nick Marshall, steamrolled the Volunteers with 214 rushing yards while passing almost not at all: He completed three passes for 35 yards, a touchdown and an interception. That is the power of zone-read plays: Marshall repeatedly fooled Tennessee about whether he would keep it, pass or hand it off to running back Tre Mason." 

True, Marshall did well against Tennessee, another SEC program crawling from the wreckage of a couple of dismal seasons. However, that's something totally different than competing against an Alabama rolling on full cylinders. Bachman might want to look instead to Florida State, Ohio State, or Baylor to stop Alabama, which probably won't happen, either.

Bachman's anti-Alabama column reminds me that I go to The Wall Street Journal for my sports news and opinion in the same way I go to former Arkansas head coach John L. Smith for financial advice. Which means I don't.

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michael10sley said...

Rachel Bachman must be related to Michelle Bachmann because they both have a bizarre way of approaching things.
So what if Alabama wins three in a row ? They are the best team and that's the way the game rules are written. The best team wins it all.
Being an Alabama fan of course I want them to win again but aside from my prejudice, winning three in a row would be _historical, way beyond Auburn defeating Alabama (not happening) in the Iron Bowl.
Bachman would probably whine about taxes if she won the Powerball.