Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Upset Tracker: Week 11 BCS matchups.

Week 11 presents some big games featuring BCS top ten teams with big chances for upsets. It includes a classic SEC rivalry game, and a Pac-12 rivalry that has become big in the past several years.

Games are ranked by how likely an upset could happen.

1. (10) Oklahoma at (6) Baylor.
Oklahoma has already taken down once-BCS ranked Texas Tech. The chances are high that The Sooners can do it again as the team faces undefeated Baylor on Thursday night.

2. (3) Oregon at (5) Stanford.
This game has a high probability of being the game of the week. The fact that it's a road game for Oregon puts greater pressure on the Ducks.

3. (13) LSU at (1)Alabama.
LSU-Alabama has become the big rivalry game in the SEC over the past few seasons. It's also been one of the most hard-fought games on the schedule. Alabama won in the last minute in 2012.

4. (9) Auburn at Tennessee.
Unranked Tennessee upset South Carolina, and almost beat Georgia in overtime. Tennessee's biggest hurdle in knocking down Auburn is the loss of quarterback Justin Worley to injury.

5. (2) Florida State at Wake Forest.
Wake Forest is 4-5 this season, and 2-4 in the ACC. The chances that it can be competitive against FSU are low to moderate.

6. (8) Missouri at Kentucky.
Kentucky has been horrible this season. The Wildcats did have close losses to South Carolina and Mississippi State, which leaves the door open slightly for an upset of Mizzou.

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