Thursday, November 21, 2013

Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn't think Nick Saban will leave Alabama for Texas.

Tex. Governor Rick Perry in his Yell Leader days at Texas A&M.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas was in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area recently attending the annual Republican Governors Association meeting. During an interview with Phoenix station KNXV-TV anchor/reporter Christopher Sign, a discussion arose around the speculation Alabama head football coach Nick Saban might leave Tuscaloosa to coach the Texas Longhorns. Sign is an alumni of the University of Alabama, while Perry is an graduate and former male cheerleader Yell Leader for Texas A&M.

"So is Saban going to go to the University of Texas?" Perry asked.

Sign didn't think that was in the cards.

"I'm with you," said Perry, a 1972 graduate of Texas A&M. "But what if it's $12 million a year? That's some pretty good bait." 

It figures that Perry would try to play both ends of the table when it comes to Saban.

Here's video of the conversation.

( via KNXV-TV,

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