Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why I'm not buying the "Johnny Manziel letting the Internet pick out his Halloween costume" story.

The Johnny Manziel we all know and love.

I not buying it. Not one fracking bit if it.

Internet media troll personality Clay Travis published an "e-mail" that he claims that he had gotten from a reader. The reader suggested Travis get his Outkick the Coverage readers to pick out Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's Halloween costume for this year.

Manziel, if you recall, caused the college football bloggerverse to melt last October via the Scooby-Doo costume he for Halloween. This was before he fully evolved into the Alabama-beating, Heisman Trophy-winning, Internet-eating juggernaut we all know and love.

Here's where the story gets dubious. Travis claims to have e-mailed Manziel, and claims Johnny Fracking Football agreed to let the teeming millions (or less) of Travis' readers to pick his Halloween costume out.

"After reading this email I reached out to Johnny, who says he reads the site every day, to ask him two things: 1. did he have a costume already decided for this year? and 2. would he be open to letting Outkick readers vote on what his Halloween costume should be this year?

And we're in luck.

Because Johnny's willing to let you guys vote on what his Halloween costume should be this year.

Yes, this is going to be epic. "

The actual proof that Manziel responded to Travis' idea - zero.

Any reason to take Travis at his word and believe this isn't just a gag? Zero.

The best reason why not to take Travis at his word? Manziel has been in virtual stealth mode since the season began. Texas A&M has refused to let him unavailable for interviews outside of a brief press conference after the Alabama-Texas A&M game. He hasn't tweeted anything public since  August 1. The only activity on his Twitter account seems to have been changing his header photo to the regular and deluxe edition covers of superpal Drake's new album Nothing Was the Same.

That's why I'm comfotrable with calling this story a load of bullcrap. I don't believe it for a single moment Manziel would stoop to a stunt like this, nor do I believe Texas A&M would allow him to.

That's also why I only reported in in the "Insanity" section of  Wednesday's "Covering Dixie Like Mildew," without mention that it was allegedly Manziel approved. That's where I put the obviously satirical stuff from the bloggerverse in CDLM and its fellow conference spotlight features like Big Tentacles. What I didn't do was mention Travis' claim of Manziel's alleged willingness to take part in this stunt.

Sadly, some Internet sites are taking Travis' obviously bogus stunt as apparent gospel. The Bleacher Report, for one, reported the story like it was totally true, without looking at it with a grain of salt.

"College football's bad boy is set to take over Halloween, and just how Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel does it is entirely up to you. Well, you and thousands of other college football fans around the world."

The Sporting News is also reporting the story as if it were true, without any type of investigation. As has's Extra Mustard site, and The Big Lead.

Incidentally,  and Bleacher Report,are owned respectively by Time-Warner and its subsidiary, Turner Broadcasting System. Since TW has become an almost complete clusterbomb since it forced Ted Turner out, I can't say that I'm surprised one bit. also reported the story, but made sure to use the word "claiming" that Manziel contacted Travis.

I contacted Texas A&M Football's official Twitter account if there was any chance the story was true. I'm not expecting an affirmative response. (Or any response at all, for that matter). I did the same on Manziel's Twitter account. I'm not holding my breath from a reply from him, either.

Until I hear from a reliable source that has independently verified Travis' claims, then I'm going to stick to my guns and call them bullcrap. Outside of that happening, I feel Travis should apoligize for the whole stunt. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get readers suggestions for what Johnny Football should wear for Halloween, making it sound like Manziel would go along with this stunt.

(via Outkick the Coverage)

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