Thursday, October 24, 2013

Which BCS top ten schools are most in danger of an upset in Week 9?

Which BCS top ten schools are most likely to go down in an upset? SWRT ranks the Week nine games involving the BCS top ten by which games are most likely to fall.

 1. (10)Texas Tech @ (15) Oklahoma
 Okay, Texas Tech getting beat by Oklahoma probably wouldn't technically count as an upset. But the  Red Raiders are the higher-ranked team, so it winds up at the top of the list.

 2. Penn State @ (4) Ohio State
 Penn State is the third-ranked team in the Big Ten Leaders division. It has a much talked-about freshman quarterback in Christian Hackenberg, and a chip on its shoulder due to not being bowl eligible. This could be the last game on the Buckeye's schedule where can be logically be considered as vulnerable.

 3. South Carolina @ (5) Missouri
 South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw's injury is the prime reason that this game doesn't get ranked higher on the list. Despite that, this game will show whether the hype machine around Mizzou is real or not.

4. (6) Stanford @ (25) Oregon State
Oregon State's only loss came to Eastern Washington in possibly the WTF game of Week 1. This is a road game for Stanford, so the Cardinal could find itself in a tricky situation.

5. Tennessee @ (1) Alabama
If it wasn't for the fact that Tennessee beat South Carolina, and barely lost to Georgia, I wouldn't even think of ranking this game as high as I am. Still, the Vols' have shown that they're a dangerous team under first-year head coach Butch Jones, and the Tide aren't going to be able to sleep on them this week.

6. (12) UCLA @ (3) Oregon
No, I'm not sold on first-year UCLA head coach Jim Mora, Jr. I saw enough of him coaching the Atlanta Falcons to do that. On the other hand, I'm not sold on Oregon managing to go undefeated this year, either. And the Ducks might be in for a letdown two weeks before the big showdown with Stanford.

7. (9) Clemson @ Maryland
Clemson got exposed last weekend. The Tigers' final conference game with Maryland could find them exposed even more.

8. (7) Miami @ Wake Forest
Wake Forest beat North Carolina State and Maryland in ACC play, but lost to Boston College and Clemson. The Demon Deacons could pose a threat to the Hurricanes, who just edged North Carolina last Thursday.

9. North Carolina State @ (2) Florida State
FSU can probably handle NC State, who are 3-3, but 0-3 in conference play.

10. (8) Baylor @ Kansas
 Things have to go right for Charlie Weis and the Jayhawks at some point, right? Not this weekend, though. It's hard to see Kansas being the ones to derail Baylor. The only hope for Weis is that the Bears are looking ahead to Oklahoma in two weeks.

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