Monday, October 14, 2013

Todd McShay describes A.J. McCarron as "third-tier" while McCarron leads Alabama on an 80-yard touchdown drive.

ESPN NFL Draft  analyst Todd McShay decided to share his views on the 2014 NFL Draft prospects of Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron during the ESPN telecast of Alabama's 48-7 disemboweling of Kentucky on Saturday night.  McShay decided to use the time to downplay McCarron's draft prospects, calling him a "third-tier quarterback."

As McShay's criticism was happening, McCarron was leading Alabama down meticulously the field in an 80-yard, four-play drive for a touchdown, which was as textbook as textbook can get.

Here's the video of the segment, as McCarron quietly pwns McShay.

And here's Katherine Webb joining in the pwnage. has a transcript of McShay's comments, interspersed with McCarron's actions on the field. McShay's comments seem even more awkward in this format.

One thing that's probably certain about all this - Mel Kiper Jr. won't be letting McShay live this one down any time soon.

(via College Spun)

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