Monday, October 7, 2013

Nike unleashes gold-accented Texas and Oklahoma unis for Red River Rivaly.

Uncle Phil's Misguided Children

Nike is at it again. This time Uncle Phil's Misguided Children have convinced Texas and Oklahoma to add a third color to their unis for this weekend's Red River Shootout.

The color in question? Gold.

That's gold as in the Gold Hat trophy given to the winner of the Red River Shootout every year. Luckily for the Longhorn and Sooner traditionalists, the gold is just being limited to accents around the numbers, shoes and on special gold gloves.

Here are Texas' unis.While the jersey looks redder in this pic, It's doubtful the Longhorns will be wearing anything outside its traditional burnt orange. Nike's persuasive, but not that persuasive. At least in this case.

Oklahoma wears the whites this year, with their own gold accents and gloves.

The Sooners' jerseys also feature one thing the Longhorns' jerseys don't -  A gold school logo at the neck.

There's a perfectly sound reason why Oklahoma gets a gold logo, while Texas gets a white one - The Sooners won last year. To the victors belong the spoils.

(via Dr. Saturday)

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