Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Les Miles celebrated Columbus Day.

One bad thing about Columbus Day being a holiday is that with many online sites taking the day off, you don't get to find out how your favorite college football personalities celebrated Columbus Day until the day after. Such is the case with LSU head football coach Les Miles, whose Columbus Day proclamation was alternating levels of awesomeness of awkwardness.

Here's the transcript of Miles' Columbus Day salutation,  in case you were looking for it.

"Good afternoon.  Just want to remind everybody that it's Columbus Day, that all those of you that know Italians and like Italians or that might venture onto a ship and travel to explore and find new lands, this is your day.

It's not St. Paddy's Day.  That's a different day entirely."

Now is Les Miles could only explain exactly what Cinco de Mayo is, we would all be set to achieve a higher stage of enlightenment.

(via Every Day Should Be Saturday)

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