Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A.J. McCarron recalls Terrence Cody's memorable field goal block from 2009 Alabama-Tennessee game.

A.J McCarron. Photo via AL.com

What does the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry game mean to Crimson Tide starting quarterback A.J. McCarron? Not much, apparently, as a recent interview with AL.com would indicate.

"Just another school. I don't think about them any more than I do anybody else," McCarron said. "Just another week, another game. That's the way we need to prepare for it."

Pressed further on the subject, Nick Saban's number one acolyte responded with further Saban-speak.

 "Not for me," McCarron said. "I play on this team, so every week is rivalry week to me because it's the next opponent on the list and they're trying to keep us from our goal, so it really doesn't matter to me."

Of course McCarron lets his guard down when asked about epic field goal block during the final seconds of the 2009 Tennessee-Alabama game by former Alabama nose tackle and current Baltimore Raven Terrence Cody. McCarron is one of few current Alabama players who was on the the first BCS title-winning team of the Saban era.

"Yeah, that was a crazy moment," said McCarron, who was a freshman being redshirted that season. "They were doing construction then in that one end zone. I can't remember if I was standing on the bench or something, trying to see it and couldn't see it because I was stuck all the way in the back and then I heard everyone cheer and thought something must have gone right and then watched the replay. 

"It was a great moment for our school and it led to the first national championship in a long time."

That admission gives hope that McCarron still hasn't been purged of emotion, and is still human.

(via AL.com)

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