Monday, October 28, 2013

A.J. McCarron complains about disrespect from Tennessee, is a hypocrite.

Alabama starting quarterback was a little miffed about Tennessee following the Crimson Tide's 45-10 vivisection of the Vols on Saturday. It had to do with Tennessee players referring to Alabama as "The Red Team" in the way Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer refers to Michigan as "The Team Up North."

"I never really say anything about the other team, but I kinda took this personal," McCarron said. "I felt disrespected. To say we don't deserve the respect of calling us Alabama and calling us 'red team' and for their head coach to come out and say they can play against anybody.

"I don't think we're just anybody. We won two national championships in a row and we're undefeated right now. So we're not just anybody."

This is the same McCarron who said earlier last week that Tennessee was "just another school," and that that he, like his Sith master head football coach, Nick Saban thought of the opposing team as being "faceless."

Obviously other teams are "faceless" to McCarron, but the "faceless teams must bow down and acknowledge Alabama and its greatness. Hypocrisy at it's finest.


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