Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who lost the most on Saturday?

What teams hurt themselves the most by losing Saturday? At least for one school it totally took it out of the BCS picture, and one other school's loss did some considerable undermining to its BCS chances.

1. Boise State. An embarrassing 38-6 loss to Washington instantly takes Boise State out of the running for a BCS title this season.

2. Georgia. The Bulldog's 38-35 loss to Clemson was close, but enough to create doubts it will be able to handle South Carolina next weekend. You'll hear a lot of pundits say Georgia wasn't hurt by this loss, but it was. Mark Richt back on the Hot Seat? Mark Richt back on the Hot Seat.

3. The American Athletic Conference. The Conference went 1-2 on Saturday, with only Cincinnati scoring a victory. The AAC is 3-5 so far in week one with Louisville's home opener against Ohio still to come. Not a spectacular start for the conference of former Big East football teams.

4. Oregon State. Lost to FBS program Eastern Washington 49-46. Goes to take a lot out of the "Beaver Juice" train.

5. Washington State. Lost to Auburn 31-24. Time for Hot Seat talk for Mike Leach? Maybe.

6. Iowa. A 30-27 loss to Northern Illinois will start off talk of Kirk Ferentz's job being in danger this season.

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