Wednesday, September 11, 2013

USC players had team meeting that Lane Kiffin denied had happened.

Lane Kiffin. photo via SB*Nation.

It's "Lane Kiffin has lost control of USC" time. The USC head football coach, whose Hot Seat seems to be getting hotter by the day, apparently doesn't know what his players are up to. (Then again predecessor Pete Carroll claimed the same thing about Reggie Bush. But that's neither here nor there). What they were up to, according to USC wide receiver Marquise Lee, was having a team meeting without him.

That despite Kiffin claiming the meeting didn't happen.

“Kiffin don’t know,” Lee said. “Players (only). Players. Kiffin don’t know nothing about it. No coaches (were allowed). We did have that meeting.”

After Lee confirmed the meeting, he said, “Now (Kiffin) knows.”

Lee said the meeting did not focus on the Washington State loss but the future.

“It was about what we do after that point,” Lee said. “I think everyone got it.”

There are probably a lot of things happening on the  USC football team that "Kiffin don't know" about or would claim to not know about. Which is what got USC on probation under Carroll. USC athletic director Pat Haden may have to decide that it better to fire Kiffin sooner rather than later if stories about the coach's seeming lack of control over his team get any worse.

(via Gamedayr, The Los Angeles Daily News)

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