Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher NOT in line for USC head coaching job. Because Jeff Fisher said so.

Scratch one name off the list of potential successors to Lane Kiffin at USC. St. Louis Rams head football coach Jeff Fisher says stories that he might be the "favorite" to become USC head football coach if and when the embattled Kiffin is let go are "just absurd" and were "rumors."

Fisher reportedly joked about not knowing which "USC" he was supposed to be in the running to be head coach of, asking if reporters were talking about the University of South Carolina.

"When Fisher was presented with the question Wednesday, he first cracked a joke about how well the University of South Carolina played against Georgia last week.

From there, Fisher made his stance on the topic quite clear.

"That's just absurd," Fisher said. "They're rumors."
I guess you can ditch the "Jeff Fisher to South Carolina rumors" as well, at least until Steve Spurrier decides to hang up his Gamecock visor.

(via ESPN LA)

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