Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oklahoma State athetic director apoligizes to Big 12 AD's for allegations made in SI.com series.

Sports Illustrated is set to begin a five-fart series on SI.com detailing alleged misdeeds and possible NCAA rules violations  at Oklahoma State dating back to when Les Miles was the head football coach of the Cowboys. Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder is apparently concerned enough about the series that he has made a public apology in a news conference to the other AD's of the Big 12 Conference

"I apologize to all of the athletic directors in the conference for what's about to happen, what's about to be said about a member institution. That reflects on everyone, all of our brothers and peers. I've reached out, but couldn't call all of our supporters. I'd like to call every single season ticket holder we've got. We're about to sell a record number of season tickets. We have a responsibility to those people. They're going to suffer from this as well. My message was 'You're not going to like what you hear. It's going to be a rough few days, but our hope is that you may not be proud about what's being said about you, but we hope to make you proud of the way that we deal with it and how we stood up, didn't make any excuses and didn't try to cover anything up."

Here is video of Holder's press conference from Oklahoma State Athletics' YouTube channel.


Allegations in the SI.com series, titled "The Dirty Game," reportedly include Oklahoma St. players getting paid by team boosters for doing what is described as "sham jobs," school work for players  being completed by "tutors and other school personnel," and members of a school hostess program having sex with recruits. 

Oklahoma State says it's informed the NCAA of the allegations, and is launching its own investigation into the report.

(via ESPN)

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