Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Michigan plans for have one night game per season, says AD Dave Brandon.

 Last Saturday night's Notre Dame-Michigan game a.k.a. "Under the Lights II," was a resounding success, and not just because the Wolverines beat the Irish. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon wanted "a  Super Bowl-type atmosphere," and he got it, thanks in no part to an amazing halftime show by the Michigan Marching Band.

It's no surprise then that  Brandon wants to put an annual night game on the schedule.

“My hope and expectation is that we’ll play one night game a year,” Brandon said on Monday after a meeting of the Detroit Economic Club at the Crisler Center. “What we’re going to try to do is take one of those games that is a marquee opponent where we feel that home field advantage is particularly useful and turn it into our once a year night game.

“That’s what you should expect.”

Brandon says the once-a-season night game probably be a high-profile Big Ten opponent. Don't expect either of Michigan's biggest rivals to be facing the Wolverines at night, though. Brandon says playing Michigan State or Ohio State is out of the question. His reasoning: the expected rowdiness from Wolverine/Buckeye/Spartan fans for a night game.

“I know how many people get arrested, I know how many people get ejected from the stadium, I know how many people get carted off to the hospital. I know what it is on a typical game and I know what it is on a Michigan State game. And if you took a Michigan State game and moved it to 8 o’clock, you could take what we experience now and maybe double or triple it and I don’t want to do that,” Brandon said. “To me that’s not fun. That’s not what college football should be about.” 

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