Friday, September 13, 2013

Kirk Herbstreit is an ex-Sports Illustrated subscriber, slams Oklahoma St. investigation.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit apparently wasn't too impressed by Sports Illustrated's ongoing series investigating alleged corruption inside the Oklahoma State college football program. He announced via Instagram on Thursday that he had decided to cancel his subscription to the magazine.

Here is his full statement.

Hey folks, let me tell how how disgusted I am at Sports Illustrated and Thayer Evans for making up lies about the Oklahoma State Football Program. 

Not one player has agreed with his accusations and players such as Dez Bryant, Branden Weeden, Russell Okung, Kendall Hunter, Perrish Cox, Joseph Randle, Justin Blackmon, and coaches such as Mike Gundy, Bob stoops, Les Miles, and Urban Meyer have all called these accusations silly and absolutely false. 

Almost all of the former OSU players whose names were mentioned in SI have come out via social media claiming that the quotes said to be from them are lies put together by Thayer Evans. 

I am disgusted by his attempt to bring down a program built up throughout the years and I have officially unfollowed Sports Illustrated and cancelled my subscription. 

I hope to see coach Gundy get through this with his very talented team and I hope these lies don’t influence the way you view a very clean and well run football program.

The Sports Illustrated series had been highly criticized for discrepancies in its allegations, accusations by Oklahoma St. players that they were misquoted in the article, and criticism over the ethics of the series' co-writer. Thayer Evans. The latter includes criticism from a former publicity assistant at SI.

(via Pistols Firing)

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