Thursday, September 5, 2013

Johnny Manziel on cover of Time magazine

The US is on the brink of military action against Syria. Congress is still in gridlock. The European economy is still touch-and-go. So who does Time magazine decide to put on the cover of its next edition? Johnny Manziel, that's who. The Texas A&M starting quarterback graces the cover of Time's September 16 issue (which hits the newsstands tomorrow) as part of a cover story titled "It's Time to Pay College Athletes."

Manziel is the obvious choice for the cover, given his recent first-half suspension involving the allegations he took money for signing sports memorabilia.  The Sean Gregory-written article looks at the big business of college athletics, and how everyone is allowed to profit from it financially except for student athletes. No word if Manziel is interviewed for the story (though that's extremely doubtful), but it's for certain he's not getting paid for the cover.

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